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SIRIM Industrial Research is the frontline for technology innovations for various industries. SIRIM believes that through technological advancement, industries will see an increase in sustainability and in turn boosts the nation’s economy. Under SIRIM’s Industrial Research, there are Industrial Centers of Innovation (IC-Innovation), and Technology Centers.

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Our Industrial Centre of Innovations support the national industrial innovation ecosystem through research development and new technology innovations that develop and sustain businesses and industries. We nurture SME growth with solutions for technology penetration and upgrading, making it an ideal technology partner for SMEs.

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Innovation In Energy Management, a collaboration of institutes, centered on developing ways to utilize and harness these alternative energy sources to be used as the efficient solutions. Through researches and efforts carried out under this programme, will promote these new energy sources in the market.

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Recreate and fabricate tools and parts that are not available with high precision, and quality through the assistance from state-of-the-art equipment such as:

  • * Computer Aided Design (CAD),
  • * 3D Scanning,
  • * Computer Aided Inspection (CAI),
  • * Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD),
  • * Finite Elements Analysis,
  • * Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • * Prototyping.

Through the aid of such equipment, recreation of tools become possible and with this, it opens door to many possibilities.

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The creation and development of sensory technology has opened myriads of new ways to enhanced life’s productivity and quality. Under SIRIM’s IC-Innovation Sensor programme, sensory technology is being research and integrated into fields such as:

  • * Integrated sensing system,
  • * Biosensor
  • * Photonics.

Creating whole new and innovative solutions and possibilities for fitness, health, agriculture, safety and security.

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In the field of medicine, medical professionals are constantly searching for alternatives to offer hope to those in need and they can find the solutions within the IC-Innovation Biomedical technology. This technology includes:

  • * Bioceramic for bone’s defect treatments, wound management, craniofacial services, orthopaedic and dental implants.
  • * Automation,
  • * Embedded system design
  • * RFID technology applications.

These services can be applied to various industries.


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IBridging gaps and mending the loopholes through innovative solutions to offer Renewable Natural Gas as an alternative to conventional energy sources are the aims of experts at IC-Innovation Bio-Natural Gas.

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IC-Innovation Nanotechnology prioritises the development and application of nanomaterials in the area of functional nanocoating and nanomembranes. Functional nano coating consists of antimicrobial, anti-corrosion, hard materials and hydrophobic/hydrophilic smart coating that act as high performance protective layer for specific type of applications.

As for nanomembranes, it caters to nano porous materials, nanocomposite materials as well as carbon base materials. This application removes contaminants for industry through the inclusion of water and wastewater treatment.


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Our Technology Centres supports the national industrial innovation ecosystem through research development and new technology innovations that develop and sustain businesses and industries. We nurture SME growth with solutions for technology penetration and upgrading, making it an ideal technology partner for SMEs.

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IIBRC is the home to this country’s most brilliant minds and competent researchers undertaking cutting-edge researches and developments for the government and industries. At IBRC, we considered it is our mission to ‘LEAD THE INDUSTRY’ in developing high-end and quality products, enhancing local businesses competencies as well as establishing and providing technical services to industries, both big and small, achieve their goals successfully.


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At Environmental Technology Research Centre (ETRC), SIRIM focuses on environmental related researches and technologies, and thus they come up with Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs). The aforementioned technologies protect the environment through four major technological focus areas:

Our researches and developments are for the following industries;

  • * Waste/Waste Water/Water Treatment
    Focusing on water treatment, waste and bio waste management technologies development. Also, environmental sterilization via photocatalytic system.
  • * Environmental Technology & Management
    Provides assessment on impacts a project can have to its surrounding environment, people and social activities.
  • * Eco-Materials Technology
    Research and development of materials that sustainable for the marine ecosystem and bio ecosystem. As well as research and development materials that are non-hazardous to the environment.
  • * Energy & Environment
    Research and development effort into finding alternative energy sources that are more clean and environmentally friendly.


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At Machinery Technology Centre, SIRIM strives to boost the technological and innovation level of Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They increase technology uptake and simultaneously, increase SMEs’ productivity through several services offered at this centre.

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Tel: 03-55446579



SIRIM Berhad,

1, Persiaran Dato' Menteri, P.O. Box 7035,

Section 2, 40700 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Toll Free: 1-300-88-7035
General Line: 603-5544 6000
Customer Service & Support : 603- 5544 6542 /6518 / 6692/ 6693 /6762
Customer Service Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Friday : 8:30 am to 4:45 pm 
Lunch break:
Monday – Thursday : 1.00pm  -  2.00pm
Friday :12:30pm -  2:45pm

For more details, let us hear from you.


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